Cedars Exclusive

For the general understanding, something is exclusive when it is limited to certain people only. People who are lucky enough to have time for a “dolce far niente” vacation, the essence of doing nothing and enjoying it. No stress, no pressure, nothing matters. While the world moves around the web, we at Cedars Exclusive move around the people.

EXCLUSIVE is: the research of the perfect locati on for your vacation, the absolutely no touristy niches we take time to discover for you.

EXCLUSIVE is: Overnight at the 5* plus and boutique hotels or private use villas.

EXCLUSIVE is: To dine at the most starred restaurants or unforgett able winery experience.

EXCLUSIVE is: book a private helicopter / jet transfers or charter a luxury motor yacht for a relaxing, dreaming vacation.

EXCLUSIVE is: a private guided tour, a personal shopper and look restyling experience.

EXCLUSIVE is: a Juventus stadium experience, a winter vacation in the top ski resorts in Italy.

Above all EXCLUSIVE is our 24/7 assistance: a well trained person available for you day and night, delighted to offer and cater to you all the services for an Home away from home perfect vacation.

Be our guest, not our client!
Feel free to contact us for further information.


Home, away from home. Perfect Vacation

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