Three Fountain Abbey

The Cistercian Three Fountains Abbey is a timeless space. It raises on the spot called Acque Salvie where St. Paul was beheaded by order of Emperor Nero. Tradition has it that St Paul’s head bounced and struck the earth in three different places where three fountains sprang up. These still flow and are located in the Church of St. Paul of Three Fountains where, in the right corner, behind a grating, there is also the column of the martyrdom of the Apostle. The second church of the monastery, Santa Maria Scala Coeli, is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title “Our Lady of Martyrs” and is built over the relics of St Zeno and his 10,203 legionaries, who were martyred at the order of Diocletian in 299. The third church is dedicated to Saints Vincent and Anastasius, built by Pope Honorius I.


Where: Rome