Basilica of St Peter in chains

Not far from the Coliseum, this Basilica was built in the 5th century over the site where S. Peter was sentenced to death by the Roman Tribunal. The tradition has it that the bishop of Jerusalem gave the chains that possibly held St. Peter while he was imprisoned in Jerusalem to Eudoxia’s mother who sent them to her daughter in Rome. Eudoxia brought the chains back and gave them to pope Leo I, who placed them in this church, together with the chains that had held St. Peter while he was in the Mamertine prison in Rome. According to a medieval legend, the two chains then miraculously joined together. The chains are now prominently displayed in a beautiful golden reliquary under the high altar. Centuries later, Pope Julius II commissioned Michelangelo to design his tomb. His famous sculpture of Moses and the Dying Slaves can be seen over this tomb.

Where: Rome