Basilica of St John Lateran

Cathedral of Rome, this Basilica is the seat of the Pope and Bishop of the city. It is dedicated to John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, and John the Baptist, voice crying out in the desert. The main façade, with its statues, is perhaps the most known part of the building, but inside above the magnificent Gothic baldachin over the altar there is the church’s most asset: two silver reliquaries that contain the heads of the saints Peter and Paul. On the left, above the Sacramental altar there’s a fragment of the table on which Jesus consumed his last supper. Furthermore the Basilica of St. John in Lateran boasts a unique treasure of faith: The Holy Stairs. Tradition has it that it was the staircase of Pontius Pilate’s praetorium, where Jesus was trailed, brought to Rome in 326 AD by St Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine.


Where: Rome