Built in 13th century in the early Gothic style, this Basilica houses the relics of St. Clare, friend and protege of St. Francis of Assisi. Adjoining the nave to the south is the Chapel of the Crucifix, a peaceful chapel that preserves the venerated 12th century wooden crucifix that is alleged to have spoken to St Francis in San Damiano, ordering him to repair the church. Beneath the church is the spacious Neo-Gothic crypt containing the tomb of St. Clare. At the west end of the crypt, displayed behind a modern grille, are some important Franciscan relics, including humble tunics worn by Francis and Clare, a shirt Clare embroidered, and some locks of Clare’s hair cut by St. Francis.The church dedicated to St Claire occupied the site of the Church of St George, where St Francis had been buried before his remains were moved to the basilica in 1230.


Where: Assisi